Getting Involved in Candomblé

by Melissa Because Candomblé is the youngest Orisha tradition in the Orisha Diaspora (Outside of Brasil, Cuba or Nigeria) it can be a little more difficult to find fully initiated priests in the tradition. Not everyone that is initiated in Candomble becomes a Baba or Iya; there are different types of initiation into Candomble. Even thoseContinue reading “Getting Involved in Candomblé”

Initiation Period in Candomblé

The initial Candomblé initiation period lasts at least 21 days for an elegun (person who gets possessed). The Iyawo spends at least 21 days in the Terreiro for the initiation(and usually more); traditional Candomblé initiations do not last 7 days. It is also not uncommon for the iyawo to spend months in the terreiro afterContinue reading “Initiation Period in Candomblé”

Candomblé Priesthood

Within Candomblé, there are two categories of initiates; those who are eleguns (people who can possess Orisa) and those who are not. Eleguns are called Iyawo (bride of the Orisha), even when they are done with their initiation and period of restrictions. In Candomblé, Iyawo does not refer to the period a new initiate wearsContinue reading “Candomblé Priesthood”