Another Documentary: The City of Women

Cidade das Mulheres/City of Women is a documentary inspired by the writings of Ruth Landes by the same title. This is just the first 8 minutes of the film, but you get an introduction to the women who are featured throughout with English subtitles. If you ever get a chance to catch this documentary inContinue reading “Another Documentary: The City of Women”

Getting Involved in Candomblé Part II: basic Candomble comportment

by Iya Melissa I’ve written earlier about what you should look for in finding a house, but I feel like it’s also important to share how you should carry yourself once you’ve found an ile (or an initiate who can introduce you to an ile). Manners (educação de axé) are extremely important within Candomblé. IfContinue reading “Getting Involved in Candomblé Part II: basic Candomble comportment”