1st Annual International Candomblé Symposium

Over the years there have been many workshops and presentations in the United States about Candomblé, but this event is, to my knowledge, the first of its kind. If you’ll be in Chicago in May 2014, you should definitely check out and support the Symposium: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/1st-annual-international-candomble-symposium

Getting Involved in Candomble III: Which Orixa rules my head?

by Melissa In Candomble, it is very common for an abiyan to belong to a terreiro for years before they become an initiate.  There are several factors that lead to prolonged periods of being an abiyan, but the takeaway is that abiyans understand that there’s no rush.  Afterall, good abiyans make great Iyawos, and greatContinue reading “Getting Involved in Candomble III: Which Orixa rules my head?”

Basic Hierarchical Terms

    Understanding the hierarchical structure of Candomble takes a lot of time.  Here are some terms used to describe specific classes of people within Candomble that are used often in this blog: Abiyan – Someone who has not yet been initiated, but does belong to an ile and has undergone preliminary rituals. Iyawo –Continue reading “Basic Hierarchical Terms”