Monthly Archive: June, 2014

Terreiro Tour

I recently wrote about the structure of a terreiro. Here’s a short documentary that spends most of its time taking you on a tour of a terreiro. This particular ile is quite big;… Continue reading

Homophobic Attacks on Candomblé

Hate mongers have had quite a busy week.  A terreiro in Rio Branco  (Acre state) was vandalized with the phrases, “Let’s kill the gays,” and “God hates gays.”  Babalorisa Germano Marino is certain… Continue reading

Attacks on Candomblé

This morning I saw this unfortunate news article posted on Facebook; a terreiro was broken into in the middle of the night and set on fire.  Even more unfortunate, is that this isn’t… Continue reading

Exú in Brazil – a documentary

  In Brazil, there are multiple understandings of Exú. In Candomblé, Exú is the messenger Orixá – the beginning and ending of everything. In Umbanda, Exú (and Pombagira) are spiritual manifestations of the… Continue reading

Candomblé History in Docu-drama

Many years ago in Brazil, this miniseries aired recounting the stories of each Orixá in a unique installation. The first episode, about Exú, demonstrates how the first Ketu terreiro was built in Bahia.… Continue reading

How Brazil’s traditional food vendors took on FIFA and won | Al Jazeera America

On the cobbled streets of Salvador, in the shadow of faded pastel buildings that date from Brazil’s colonial era, an army of ladies in flowing white cotton dresses sell the local delicacy acarajé.… Continue reading