Monthly Archive: August, 2014

Reginaldo Prandi: Candomblé and Time

In the never ending quest to find information about Candomblé written in English, this jewel from Brazilian researcher and author Reginaldo Prandi appeared in a recent search.  Here, he writes about the concept… Continue reading

Inside a Terreiro: Xire

This short documentary, in English, shows what happens during a Xire.  A Nigerian documentarian visits a terreiro in São João de Meriti, RJ to witness a complete Xire.  The documentary opens with an… Continue reading

Yemanjá: the film

I came across this wonderful documentary in production, Yemanjá: the film.  Featuring interviews with Makota Valdina Pinto, Iya Stella de Oxossi, dearly departed Iya Filinha, Ekeji Sinha, Denize Ribeiro and narrated by Alice Walker,… Continue reading