Reginaldo Prandi: Candomblé and Time

In the never ending quest to find information about Candomblé written in English, this jewel from Brazilian researcher and author Reginaldo Prandi appeared in a recent search.  Here, he writes about the concept of time within Candomblé; an important understanding for anyone interested in the religion to have. Read: Candomblé and Time: concepts of time,Continue reading “Reginaldo Prandi: Candomblé and Time”

Inside a Terreiro: Xire

This short documentary, in English, shows what happens during a Xire.  A Nigerian documentarian visits a terreiro in São João de Meriti, RJ to witness a complete Xire.  The documentary opens with an overview of the terreiro, and lunch with the elders of the ile; it’s unclear which feast is being celebrated in this Xire.Continue reading “Inside a Terreiro: Xire”

Yemanjá: the film

I came across this wonderful documentary in production, Yemanjá: the film.  Featuring interviews with Makota Valdina Pinto, Iya Stella de Oxossi, dearly departed Iya Filinha, Ekeji Sinha, Denize Ribeiro and narrated by Alice Walker, the film provides an overview of ecological sustainability and resistance, and the role that Candomblé plays in maintaining cultural identity. Makota Valdina asks, “WhatContinue reading “Yemanjá: the film”