Yemanjá: Ecological Wisdom From the Heart of Brazil

In August I came across the trailer for an upcoming documentary, Yemanjá: the film.  To my surprise, the documentary has also already been released (and has English subtitles!).  In addition to addressing Candomblé as a nature-based religion, it takes a look at the political nature of Candomblé as a religion of resistance against racism and hegemony.  Yemanjá raises important ecological questions that Candomblé practitioners face, and problematizes Bahia’s world famous annual feast of Yemanjá.  I wish the documentary could have been more solution oriented regarding ecology, access to and the preservation of sacred natural spaces, but I imagine that’s an ongoing conversation.  If you’ve been to Yemanjá’s feast and have any insight, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!