Why Initiate?

by Melissa “What happens most today is that people initiate into Candomblé, and then begin to question our dogmas – the hierarchy, manners, and comportment.  No Orixá temple is going to adapt to you, so search for the one where you’ll find your values [and] convictions; seek to understand what it means to be ofContinue reading “Why Initiate?”

Getting Involved in Candomblé V: What do I receive first?

by Melissa Recently, I received an email from someone that went a little something like this: I’ve been studying the religion for a while and I’m ready to get started.  How much does it cost to receive warriors in Candomblé ? Flabbergasted doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction to this question.  This person mentioned nothingContinue reading “Getting Involved in Candomblé V: What do I receive first?”

Bori Bonanza: The New Kid on the Block

When I first began learning about Orisa religion the most important lesson I learned was the concept of iwa pele: gentle character.  It’s a concept not unlike the golden rule; behave in a way that brings honor to your name and treat others in the same regard.  Have integrity.  Be kind.  Show respect.  Speak the truth.  Do good things.Continue reading “Bori Bonanza: The New Kid on the Block”

Orixás: Interview with Pierre Verger

It seems that there are always new treasures on YouTube.  I stumbled upon these jewels – a 1986 documentary on Pierre Verger including interviews with him and Iyalorixás in Bahia.  Most of the documentary is in Spanish, as it was partially filmed in Cuba.  Luckily, there are English subtitles. These videos offer a unique lookContinue reading “Orixás: Interview with Pierre Verger”