Orixá Dance Class in NYC – August 2016

One of the most frequent inquiries that I receive is whether or not I know of any Candomblé dance classes.  There don’t seem to be any regular classes in NYC, but here’s one to look out for in a couple of weeks. Just remember that this is theatrical Orixá dance which focuses on rum movements,Continue reading “Orixá Dance Class in NYC – August 2016”

Candomblé, Ifá and the Diaspora

Here’s a short documentary where Chief Elebuibon draws comparisons between Candomblé and the way the religion is practiced in Nigeria. The interview begins with a discussion about sacred music and some differences between Candomblé and Yoruba religion. I think this is mostly the fault of being lost in translation (as both the interviewer and intervieweeContinue reading “Candomblé, Ifá and the Diaspora”

Candomblé Doesn’t Begin with the Xirê

A xirê can be one of the most exciting, beautiful and breathtaking experiences you ever have in Candomblé.  Many people come to religion (in general) through public events – revivals, music & concerts, social gatherings; Candomblé is no different.  A xirê is a drumming in Candomblé where the female members of a terreiro dance in honorContinue reading “Candomblé Doesn’t Begin with the Xirê”