Candomblé, Ifá and the Diaspora

Here’s a short documentary where Chief Elebuibon draws comparisons between Candomblé and the way the religion is practiced in Nigeria.

The interview begins with a discussion about sacred music and some differences between Candomblé and Yoruba religion. I think this is mostly the fault of being lost in translation (as both the interviewer and interviewee speak more than one language), but it’s important to point out that each Orixá in Candomblé has a preferred rhythm. What I think that Chief Elebuibon meant to say was that each Orixá has a preferred drum, while in Candomblé we use the same drum for all Orixá.

One of the consequences of slavery on Candomblé and its development in  Bahia was the sharing that took place between different ethnic groups. Each nation uses the atabaque drum, but each has a distinctive way to play that distinguishes the origin. In Candomblé Ketu, the names we give to different rhythms are names of some Yoruba drums.

There’s more than one installation of this documentary. Enjoy them all on YouTube!