Monthly Archive: January, 2017

Basket of Ideas: Why not me?

Mae Stella reflects on suffering, 12.07.2012 Maria Stella de Azevedo Santos Translated by Melissa Oliver Suffering isn’t “my beach,” but it’s impossible to deny that this painful feeling plays a part of… Continue reading

Inside a Terreiro: Ilê Aganã Axé Laburè Candomblé Documentary with English Subtitles

I always get excited when I find videos that have subtitles.  This documentary takes viewers through a terreiro in Sao Paulo.  The terreiro itself looks elaborate, but is also in an urban setting.… Continue reading

Getting Involved in Candomblé VII: The Importance of Sacrifice 

by Iya Melissa It’s no secret that there is animal sacrifice in Candomblé. However, there are many types of sacrifices that we make when we decide to follow Candomblé (or any other religious… Continue reading

Getting Involved in Candomblé VI: Switching Orisha Traditions

by Iya Melissa Edited on June 29, 2017 to clarify points about switching traditions after having gone through full Orisa initiation in another tradition. As Candomblé grows in the United States, it’s becoming… Continue reading

Mãe Stella: Presence, yes! Presents, no! – a Translation

Maria Stella de Azevedo Santos | Iyalorixá do Ilê Axé Opô Afonjá Translated by Melissa Oliver I’m ready to sleep, not so early as the elderly sleep.  I’m 90 years and… Continue reading

Afro-Brazilian Dance Class in NYC | January 2017

Cleonice Fonseca is back at Cumbé.  Check out her class on January 15, 2017 at 6 pm.