Monthly Archive: February, 2017

Orixá Opens the Door,Will You Walk Through?

A tale… A child of Orixá asked his Orixá for a job and a woman who would love him very much.  The next day, he opened the newspaper and saw a job announcement.… Continue reading

What Does Candomblé Believe in, Anyway?

by Iya Melissa Most people who find their way to Candomblé are already at least slightly familiar with Orixá or Yoruba culture and religion.  As Candomblé grows in the United States, however, many people… Continue reading

Folhas Encantadas: a Documentary

Unfortunately, this documentary is in Portuguese and doesn’t have subtitles.  In it, Mãe Stella and other mães from Ilê Axé Opô Afonjá discuss the importance of herbs within Candomblé and share songs and… Continue reading