A Refuge in Thunder: Dr. Harding Lectures About Candomblé


A Refuge in Thunderby Dr. Rachel E. Harding, takes a close look at the trajectory of Candomblé in its Brazilian home as a religion of resilience and affirmation of a Black identity in Brazil.  Dr. Harding, who is also an Egbomi of Oxum, lectured about her work, introduced her Iyalorixá – Mãe Val de Ayra, and answered pertinent questions during a Q&A session. She touches on lots of issues that you don’t want to miss!

You’ll also be able to observe educação de axé in action as Dr. Harding honors her ancestors and asks her Iyalorixá’s permission to speak before she begins the lecture. You’ll see further evidence when Mãe Val introduces herself only after reciting her lineage before speaking. Even though they were in a secular space, religious customs and manners do not go away. Enjoy!