Supporting the Orisha Community in Harvey’s Path

Countless people have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and many relief organizations (and individuals!) are on the ground lending a helping hand.  Texas is home to a sizable Orisha community, and Oloshas United (a national organization with 501(c)3 status) is focusing on helping those specifically within our community whose lives have been turned upside downContinue reading “Supporting the Orisha Community in Harvey’s Path”

O Primeiro: Documentary With English Subtitles

by Melissa “O Primeiro” is a new short documentary about the development of Candomblé by Dionysios Kostakis.  The film focuses on the role that Esu plays in Candomblé, and analyzes syncretism in African religions of the diaspora. Syncretism, however, is not unique to the diaspora. In Nigeria, Esu became sycretized with the devil – evidenceContinue reading “O Primeiro: Documentary With English Subtitles”