At 92, Mãe Stella Launches a Channel on YouTube

Originally published by unknown author on September 21, 2017 at:

Translated for by Melissa Oliver

Mãe Stella of Oxossi, 92, immortal [member] of the Bahia Academy of Letters and


“From the Head of Mãe Stella” will launch next Monday, the 25th

one of the biggest living references of the study of African cultural heritage in Brazil, will be the star of a YouTube channel called “From the Head of Mãe Stella.” It will launch next Monday, the 25th, at 10am [9am EST] at an event at Malagueta Films in the Costa Azul neighborhood of Salvador.

The content will revolve around the nearly 8 decades of faith and intellectualism of the Iyalorixa. Teachings, memories, talks and texts that reveal the 78 years of Mãe Stella’s work were brought to life in video and will be available for free on this platform. The idea came from Mãe Stella herself, who frequently watches philosophical lectures published on YouTube, had the idea to bring teachings of Yoruba culture there as well.

“I like to stay up to date and my objective with this channel is so that people have access to it and – as if we were planting a seed, as a form of solidifying the Yoruba culture. I want to do a mixture that combines the truth with knowledge of wisdom that can solidify judgement. So that the young generation has access, the right way, to not misrepresent, and this strengthens our faith. With this, I think I am doing a service to humanity,” affirmed Mãe Stella.

The channel is composed of 4 series of programs: “Mãe Stella’s Articles,” with articles narrated by actors from Bando de Teatro Olodum; “My Encounter With Mãe,” with emotional talks about having met Mãe Stella given by names like Geronimo Santana and Margareth Menezes; “What Mãe Likes,” with the things that she like to see happen in life; and “Mãe’s Light,” with myths from the Yoruba culture narrated by initiates of Candomble. The videos were produced exclusively for the channel that expects weekly viewership.