Pastor Indicted for Destroying Images in a Terreiro in the Baixada Fluminense

Originally published September 15, 2017 by Marcos Nunes for Globo Extra:

Translated for by Melissa Oliver

One person was indicted in a police in a police investigation based on the Law of Racism for religious discrimination. According to the Civil Police, a man who identified himself as pastor Daniel Marins Francisco published a video on social media, where he appears breaking religious images of a terreiro.


“Pastor” Daniel Martins Francisco destroying religious items of a Candomble initiate who is now a member of his congregation.

The recordings were given to the police by the State Secretary of Human Rights and Politicians for Women and the Elderly (SEDHMI), last week, after the complaint was received by SEDHMI.

In the video, recorded on August 29th, in the Jardim Paraiso neighborhood in Nova Iguassu in the Baixada Fluminense, the pastor said that the santos were demonic images that tormented a family. According to the investigations by the 58th DP, the pieces destroyed were of a filha de santo who had converted to the pastor’s religion.

The Law of Racism ensures that, in cases of a conviction for this type of crime, the penalty varies between two and four years of prison.

Atila Alexandre Nunes, Secretary of Human Rights, said that real Evangelicals aren’t intolerant.

The Secretary also defended the punishment of the perpetrators of a series of attacks on Umbanda and Candomble terreiros. According to SEDHMI, at least 32 occurrences of this type have been registered since the beginning of the year. In the last two weeks alone, eight terreiros were vandalized in Nova Iguassu, in the Baixada Fluminense.

In one of the attacks, an Iyalorisa was forced, at gunpoint, to destroy religious images while being threatened by drug dealers.

“I don’t believe that real pastors incite violence and hate between religions. Fanatics do this, not Christians. Identifying and punishing the perpetrators of this crime is essential so that other intolerant people see that these crimes won’t go unpunished in our state. Today we have few notices about religious intolerant crimes, because many victims don’t file a complaint with the police,” said the Secretary of Human Rights.

A SEDHMI and the Secretary of Security must promote, by the end of 2017, the creation of the Police Delegacy of the Repression of Racial and Intolerant Crimes (DECRADI). The unit will be the first in Rio de Janeiro charged with investigating religious intolerant attacks.