Decolonizing Christianity: Evil Herbs?

Christians have to stop demonizing the things that we do not understand. I’m thinking specifically of the anti-sage or even more general anti-herbal healing campaigns all around us. I wonder where such strong feelings against herbal healing originate? When we speak against the natural healing power of herbs not only are we denying the greatness,Continue reading “Decolonizing Christianity: Evil Herbs?”

Yes, Black is King.

From references to baby Moses flowing down the river in a wicker basket, to painting faces using what looks like efun, a native West African white chalk that is used in religious ceremony, to women walking to the shore holding baskets of flowers on their heads and others with calabashes in their hands – and that’s just the first few minutes – this visual album is a spiritual experience if there ever was one. For me, Black is King showcases the depth of Afro-Diasporic religiosity by highlighting that following Jesus doesn’t mean one has to relinquish, ignore and demonize indigenous ancestry and ways of understanding the brilliance and vast interconnectedness of Olorun’s creation.     

Sign Now: Protecting Religious Freedom in Brazil

Last summer we reported on several attacks on terreiros and Umbanda temples in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This week, on August 9th, Afro-Brazilian religions face an even larger attack – a federal Supreme Court ruling on the right to perform animal sacrifice.   Please take a moment to follow the link below to sign andContinue reading “Sign Now: Protecting Religious Freedom in Brazil”

Oshumare – The Sacred Serpent

by Mãe Melissa Olosun While many folks are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, I thought it would be a fine time to share about serpents within a Candomblé and Yoruba religious context. The following is an original translation from Pierre Fatumbi Verger’s Orixás – Deuses Iorubás na África e no Novo Mundo. “Oshumare inContinue reading “Oshumare – The Sacred Serpent”

Orisha Divination is Not Fortune Telling

by Iyalorisa Melissa Olosun People often come to Orisha religions and think the first step they should take is to get a reading. While divination is absolutely important in all of the Orisha religions, it is usually not the very first step one would take. North Americans are quite familiar with Ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal balls,Continue reading “Orisha Divination is Not Fortune Telling”

Candomblé Cultural Center of NY

I’m so excited to announce that the Candomblé Cultural Center of NY is opening this month in Jamaica, Queens! We’ll be hosting prayer services, lectures, workshops, fellowship and merindinlogun divination (jogo de buzios) all slated to begin in two weeks at the Candomblé Cultural Center of New York in Jamaica, Queens! Our center is smallContinue reading “Candomblé Cultural Center of NY”

Documentary: Odo Ya! Life With AIDS

Before modern medicine, indigenous people around the world took care of themselves with medicine from the earth.  There was always someone in the community with knowledge of herbs who could help heal the sick, and even prevent illness. During and immediately following slavery, where Africans and their descendants in the diaspora seldom had access toContinue reading “Documentary: Odo Ya! Life With AIDS”