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Inside a Terreiro: Ilê Aganã Axé Laburè Candomblé Documentary with English Subtitles

I always get excited when I find videos that have subtitles.  This documentary takes viewers through a terreiro in Sao Paulo.  The terreiro itself looks elaborate, but is also in an urban setting.… Continue reading

Orixás: Interview with Pierre Verger

It seems that there are always new treasures on YouTube.  I stumbled upon these jewels – a 1986 documentary on Pierre Verger including interviews with him and Iyalorixás in Bahia.  Most of the… Continue reading

Review: Mulheres de Axé

Marcos Rezende has put together both a book and documentary showcasing the importance of women within Candomblé.  In September, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation of his work in NYC during… Continue reading

Yemanjá: Ecological Wisdom From the Heart of Brazil

In August I came across the trailer for an upcoming documentary, Yemanjá: the film.  To my surprise, the documentary has also already been released (and has English subtitles!).  In addition to addressing Candomblé… Continue reading

Documentary: Omolu

August-September marks the season when terreiros across Brazil celebrate Omoluaye with the ceremony of the Olubaje.  Here’s another documentary with English subtitles that teaches a little about who Omolu is.

Yemanjá: the film

I came across this wonderful documentary in production, Yemanjá: the film.  Featuring interviews with Makota Valdina Pinto, Iya Stella de Oxossi, dearly departed Iya Filinha, Ekeji Sinha, Denize Ribeiro and narrated by Alice Walker,… Continue reading

Xango is King

Here’s another short about Candomblé and the Orixás – narrated in Portuguese with English subtitles. Filipe Macário is a Brazilian artist and researcher who is producing an independent series on Afro-Brazilian religion.  You… Continue reading

Terreiro Tour

I recently wrote about the structure of a terreiro. Here’s a short documentary that spends most of its time taking you on a tour of a terreiro. This particular ile is quite big;… Continue reading

Exú in Brazil – a documentary

  In Brazil, there are multiple understandings of Exú. In Candomblé, Exú is the messenger Orixá – the beginning and ending of everything. In Umbanda, Exú (and Pombagira) are spiritual manifestations of the… Continue reading

Candomblé History in Docu-drama

Many years ago in Brazil, this miniseries aired recounting the stories of each Orixá in a unique installation. The first episode, about Exú, demonstrates how the first Ketu terreiro was built in Bahia.… Continue reading