Orisha Divination is Not Fortune Telling

by Iyalorisa Melissa Olosun People often come to Orisha religions and think the first step they should take is to get a reading. While divination is absolutely important in all of the Orisha religions, it is usually not the very first step one would take. North Americans are quite familiar with Ouija boards, tarot cards, crystal balls,Continue reading “Orisha Divination is Not Fortune Telling”

Understanding Tradition – a reflection

Those who study and practice the African derived religions of the diaspora often develop questions that we can’t easily find the answers to. Sometimes, the impulse is to look outside of the traditions of the diaspora to explain the norms that have developed in the diaspora over time. While the many traditions that developed inContinue reading “Understanding Tradition – a reflection”

A Refuge in Thunder: Dr. Harding Lectures About Candomblé

A Refuge in Thunder, by Dr. Rachel E. Harding, takes a close look at the trajectory of Candomblé in its Brazilian home as a religion of resilience and affirmation of a Black identity in Brazil.

The Beauty of a Iyawo’s Initiation in Candomblé – A Translation

Oh, if you knew how beautiful it is to watch your gestation in the uterus (honko) of the ile, in your simplicity of white, seeing your initiation and being born into the religion.  Giving you food, your bath, everything at the right time, sleeping with you to protect you during the night.  Oh, iyawo, if you knewContinue reading “The Beauty of a Iyawo’s Initiation in Candomblé – A Translation”

When Depression Shows Up, How Do You?

It’s not unusual for someone to break down in tears during a reading.  Sometimes the desperation is palpable, and we should do our best to help in whatever ways we can. Divination reveals a lot about us, and it’s not uncommon to see when someone is suffering from depression.