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The Beauty of a Iyawo’s Initiation in Candomblé – A Translation

Oh, if you knew how beautiful it is to watch your gestation in the uterus (honko) of the ile, in your simplicity of white, seeing your initiation and being born into the religion.  Giving… Continue reading

Ecology and Candomblé

Part of our worship of nature involves making offerings, but all too often those offerings become pollution – an affront to the very nature we serve.  While we absolutely have religious freedom and can practice our beliefs without fear, we also have the responsibility of keeping the environment clean.

English Interview: Iya Omindarewa

Iya Omindarewa’s story is interesting, being a non-Brazilian priestess who ran a terreiro in Rio for many years.  This short documentary doesn’t tell her entire story, but takes the viewer on a short… Continue reading


Besides seeking a reading to figure out matters of love or money, one of the most common reasons that people consult merindinlogun is because they believe that someone is using witchcraft to work… Continue reading

Orisha Workshop: Chicago

Oxum and International Women’s Day

by Iya Melissa Several years ago I taught a high school elective called Images of Women of Color in the Media.  It was an amazing class with a curriculum that had been developed… Continue reading

Orixá Opens the Door,Will You Walk Through?

A tale… A child of Orixá asked his Orixá for a job and a woman who would love him very much.  The next day, he opened the newspaper and saw a job announcement.… Continue reading

Feast of the Iyabas

The end of the year marks a special time for celebration in most terreiros.  The female Orixás, Iyabas, are honored with a public feast.  Here are some videos showing the rum (hoom –… Continue reading

Getting Involved in Candomblé V: What do I receive first?

by Iya Melissa Recently, I received an email from someone that went a little something like this: I’ve been studying the religion for a while and I’m ready to get started.  How much… Continue reading

Bori Bonanza: The New Kid on the Block

When I first began learning about Orisa religion the most important lesson I learned was the concept of iwa pele: gentle character.  It’s a concept not unlike the golden rule; behave in a way that brings… Continue reading

Orixás: Interview with Pierre Verger

It seems that there are always new treasures on YouTube.  I stumbled upon these jewels – a 1986 documentary on Pierre Verger including interviews with him and Iyalorixás in Bahia.  Most of the… Continue reading

Documentary: Omolu

August-September marks the season when terreiros across Brazil celebrate Omoluaye with the ceremony of the Olubaje.  Here’s another documentary with English subtitles that teaches a little about who Omolu is.

Xango is King

Here’s another short about Candomblé and the Orixás – narrated in Portuguese with English subtitles. Filipe Macário is a Brazilian artist and researcher who is producing an independent series on Afro-Brazilian religion.  You… Continue reading