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Where’s the Trono?

A few years ago I went to a religious movie night hosted by a Lukumi Iyalorisha friend of mine.  We watched documentaries about both Lukumi and Candomblé, and were able to do a… Continue reading

May the orixás (deities) protect her: Afro-Brazilian religious leader’s temple has suffered eight violent attacks in eight years

Black Women Of Brazil Note from BW of Brazil: The persecution of followers of African-oriented religions is another form of intolerance that we’ve been following for some time. There’s nothing new about it… Continue reading

Entendendo o Orí

Originally posted on Candomblé:
Quando nascemos, o Orí (cabeça), é o primeiro òrìsà que recebemos, é quando tomamos nosso primeiro banho de sangue, nele trazemos as impressões que estão gravadas no inconsciente, a…

Candomblé, Macumba Ritual and Jaré in Brazil

Originally posted on Perspectives in Anthropology:
One Sunday in February, 2008 when my wife and I were living in the bairro of Itapúa which is situated near the airport of Salvador, I was…

Texts About Candomblé

Several months ago, I began putting a list together of English articles and full length texts that discuss Candomblé or Afro-Brazilian culture and religion. I hesitated to post the list, because I felt… Continue reading

Homophobic Attacks on Candomblé

Hate mongers have had quite a busy week.  A terreiro in Rio Branco  (Acre state) was vandalized with the phrases, “Let’s kill the gays,” and “God hates gays.”  Babalorisa Germano Marino is certain… Continue reading

Attacks on Candomblé

This morning I saw this unfortunate news article posted on Facebook; a terreiro was broken into in the middle of the night and set on fire.  Even more unfortunate, is that this isn’t… Continue reading

1st Annual International Candomblé Symposium

Over the years there have been many workshops and presentations in the United States about Candomblé, but this event is, to my knowledge, the first of its kind. If you’ll be in Chicago… Continue reading

Getting Involved in Candomble III: Which Orixa rules my head?

by Iya Melissa In Candomble, it is very common for an abiyan to belong to a terreiro for years before they become an initiate.  There are several factors that lead to prolonged periods… Continue reading

Basic Orisha Theology

by Iya Melissa The articles in this blog describe facets of Candomblé, but make the assumption that you already know the basics.  As has been described here in greater detail, Candomblé is an Afro-Brazilian… Continue reading

Women of Axé | Mulheres de Axé

A preview of the documentary showcasing influential women of axé in Bahia. The documentary opens with an interview of Iyalorixa Stella de Oxosse who pays homage to those who paved the way for… Continue reading

Documentary: Omindarewa Wonderful documentary about Iyalorixa Omindarewa.

The American Association of Brazilian Canodmblé

This really needs no introduction. Enjoy all 9 minutes of this and become as excited as I am that Candomblé is planting roots in North American soil!