Isokuso – How Yoruba Language Influences Candomblé

by Iya Melissa Isokuso means slang in Yoruba. While it’s undeniable that African languages did not survive as living languages in Brazil, there are several words – used by folks who are not even… Continue reading

Documentary: Orixa Ninu Ile

Orixa Ninu Ile is a documentary about Candomblé that takes viewers through Ile Axe Opo Afonja in Bahia to take a look at specific Orisha and their worship. This documentary truly is a gem,… Continue reading

Understanding Tradition – a reflection

Those who study and practice the African derived religions of the diaspora often develop questions that we can’t easily find the answers to. Sometimes, the impulse is to look outside of the traditions… Continue reading

Women Combat Religious Intolerance

by Iya Melissa In 2014, Marcos Rezende premiered his documentary, “Mulheres de Axé,” (Women of Axé) during New York City’s Brazil Week.  I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of his work… Continue reading


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Combating Religious Intolerance on Social Media – an interview

The campaign – Testemunhos de Axe – was looking for people willing to share their stories about leaving the church and joining a terreiro.  I reached out to one of the organizers, Renata Cassini, to find out more about the movement.

Creole Languages & Candomblé History

by Iya Melissa One of the strongest markers of resilience in the African diaspora is language.  As an undergraduate I studied linguistics. Although West African languages were not the focus of any classes… Continue reading

Orisha Religion & Maintaining Success

On our journey to success, it’s not enough to have a plan and be responsible. It’s also important to safeguard the plan – even being secretive at times – in order to ensure the plan’s success. Orisha wants us to be successful. Orisha religion, through, prayer, divination and sacrifice, provides the tools we need to be met with success.

Mãe Stella’s YouTube Channel: A First Look

Mãe Stella de Oxossi explains why she decided to launch a YouTube channel as a way to combat inventions and misinformation in Candomblé.

Pastor Indicted for Destroying Images in a Terreiro in the Baixada Fluminense

One person was indicted in a police in a police investigation based on the Law of Racism for religious discrimination. According to the Civil Police, a man who identified himself as pastor Daniel Marins Francisco published a video on social media, where he appears breaking religious images of a terreiro.

At 92, Mãe Stella Launches a Channel on YouTube

“From the Head of Mãe Stella,” is a YouTube channel that will launch on September 25, 2017 featuring the wisdom of the Iyalorixa’s 78 years of religious and intellectual leadership.

March Defends Religious Freedom in Copacabana

Respect and punishment. This was the rally cry during the march in defense of religious freedom that took place at Orla Copacabana this Sunday afternoon by the Commission to Combat Intolerance.

Sign the Petition – Religious Freedom Now!

show solidarity with our Brazilian brothers and sisters in the struggle. A petition was started by the The National Council of the Efon Nation to reach the Governor of Rio, the State Secretary of Culture, the State Secretary of Public Security, and the State Secretary of Human Rights.