Yemanjá: Ecological Wisdom From the Heart of Brazil

In August I came across the trailer for an upcoming documentary, Yemanjá: the film.  To my surprise, the documentary has also already been released (and has English subtitles!).  In addition to addressing Candomblé… Continue reading

Where’s the Trono?

A few years ago I went to a religious movie night hosted by a Lukumi Iyalorisha friend of mine.  We watched documentaries about both Lukumi and Candomblé, and were able to do a… Continue reading

Documentary: Omolu

August-September marks the season when terreiros across Brazil celebrate Omoluaye with the ceremony of the Olubaje.  Here’s another documentary with English subtitles that teaches a little about who Omolu is.

Getting Involved in Candomblé IV: In it for the long haul

by Iya Melissa Since this blog’s inception, hosted across different platforms, I’ve written about the hierarchy in Candomblé both directly and indirectly. I’ve been extremely blessed to have the love and guidance of my… Continue reading

May the orixás (deities) protect her: Afro-Brazilian religious leader’s temple has suffered eight violent attacks in eight years

Black Women Of Brazil Note from BW of Brazil: The persecution of followers of African-oriented religions is another form of intolerance that we’ve been following for some time. There’s nothing new about it… Continue reading

Reginaldo Prandi: Candomblé and Time

In the never ending quest to find information about Candomblé written in English, this jewel from Brazilian researcher and author Reginaldo Prandi appeared in a recent search.  Here, he writes about the concept… Continue reading

Inside a Terreiro: Xire

This short documentary, in English, shows what happens during a Xire.  A Nigerian documentarian visits a terreiro in São João de Meriti, RJ to witness a complete Xire.  The documentary opens with an… Continue reading

Yemanjá: the film

I came across this wonderful documentary in production, Yemanjá: the film.  Featuring interviews with Makota Valdina Pinto, Iya Stella de Oxossi, dearly departed Iya Filinha, Ekeji Sinha, Denize Ribeiro and narrated by Alice Walker,… Continue reading

Inside a Terreiro: Casa de Òsùmàrè

Here’s another look inside of a terreiro. visited the Casa de Òsùmàrè in Bahia to film this short documentary about Candomblé.  In English, some background is provided about the religion’s survival in Brazil… Continue reading

Getting Involved in Candomblé VIII: The cost of involvement

by Iya Melissa Years ago in the United States, Orisha worshippers seeking initiation began traveling out of the country for ceremonies thinking they would save money.  Initiation in the US can cost up… Continue reading

Understanding Umbanda

I’ve been coming across more and more English language material about Afro-Brazilian religions lately.  Here’s a short clip about Umbanda.  

Entendendo o Orí

Originally posted on Candomblé:
Quando nascemos, o Orí (cabeça), é o primeiro òrìsà que recebemos, é quando tomamos nosso primeiro banho de sangue, nele trazemos as impressões que estão gravadas no inconsciente, a…

Candomblé, Macumba Ritual and Jaré in Brazil

Originally posted on Perspectives in Anthropology:
One Sunday in February, 2008 when my wife and I were living in the bairro of Itapúa which is situated near the airport of Salvador, I was…