Basic Orisha Theology

by Iya Melissa The articles in this blog describe facets of Candomblé, but make the assumption that you already know the basics.  As has been described here in greater detail, Candomblé is an Afro-Brazilian… Continue reading

Women of Axé | Mulheres de Axé

A preview of the documentary showcasing influential women of axé in Bahia. The documentary opens with an interview of Iyalorixa Stella de Oxosse who pays homage to those who paved the way for… Continue reading

Documentary: Omindarewa Wonderful documentary about Iyalorixa Omindarewa.

The American Association of Brazilian Canodmblé

This really needs no introduction. Enjoy all 9 minutes of this and become as excited as I am that Candomblé is planting roots in North American soil!

Olubaje: The King’s Banquet

Olubaje is a feast that plays an important role in Candomble’s ritual calendar. Food for Obaluaye (or Omolu) and all of the Orixas is prepared and served to the public to participate in… Continue reading

What do you mean, there’s no Oriate?!?!

Whenever I meet American Olorisas who are familiar with Brazil (and aware of Candomblé) they almost always ask, “So, who’s your godmother?” I think this is an interesting question for several reasons.  I… Continue reading

Another Documentary: The City of Women

Cidade das Mulheres/City of Women is a documentary inspired by the writings of Ruth Landes by the same title. This is just the first 8 minutes of the film, but you get an… Continue reading

Oxum’s Castle

Yoruba belief tells us that an initiate’s body is their temple. This is a sweet safer sex PSA that takes this concept a step further. It’s in Portuguese, and there are no subtitles,… Continue reading

Getting Involved in Candomblé Part II: basic Candomble comportment

by Iya Melissa I’ve written earlier about what you should look for in finding a house, but I feel like it’s also important to share how you should carry yourself once you’ve found… Continue reading

Candomblé Documentary: English subtitles

I came across this documentary teaser of ‘Ylê Aganã Asé Laburê’, based in São Paulo, Brazil. The primary reason I’m posting it is because it is one of the very few clips on… Continue reading

Mae Stella: Which Orixa Rules the Year? a translation

Mae Stella: Which Orixa rules the year? By Maria Stella de Azevedo Santos Translated by Melissa Oliver  The objective of this article is to bring forth clarity. I will try to take… Continue reading

Ekaabo! Welcome! Seja Bem-vindo!

Thanks for following (or finding!) me over in this new space.  Candomblé in the USA was born in 2006 due to the lack of concrete information on the Internet about Orisha worship in… Continue reading

Out and About!

A while back I blogged about religious persecution and questioned why so many people fear being known as aborisha*. I’ve even heard tales of a NY Statesperson having been a Iyawo while serving, although… Continue reading