Inside a Terreiro: Xire

This short documentary, in English, shows what happens during a Xire.  A Nigerian documentarian visits a terreiro in São João de Meriti, RJ to witness a complete Xire.  The documentary opens with an overview of the terreiro, and lunch with the elders of the ile; it’s unclear which feast is being celebrated in this Xire.Continue reading “Inside a Terreiro: Xire”

Inside a Terreiro: Casa de Òsùmàrè

Here’s another look inside of a terreiro. visited the Casa de Òsùmàrè in Bahia to film this short documentary about Candomblé.  In English, some background is provided about the religion’s survival in Brazil during political persecution.

Candomblé Documentary: English subtitles

I came across this documentary teaser of ‘Ylê Aganã Asé Laburê’, based in São Paulo, Brazil. The primary reason I’m posting it is because it is one of the very few clips on Candomblé with English subtitles. I don’t have an opinion one way or the other about the actual content of the video. TheContinue reading “Candomblé Documentary: English subtitles”