Afro-Diasporic Religiosity

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What’s Going on Here?

Candomblé in the USA was born in 2006 due to the lack of concrete information in English on the Internet about Orisha worship in Brazil.  This blog has long been a place where questions can be answered (and asked!), and information shared as it relates to the growth of Candomblé in the United States. After well over a decade, this space is evolving into one that explores expressions of Black religion in the African diaspora with a specific focus on Christianity and Yoruba Traditional Religion.

There’s lots here about my own experience in Yoruba religion, having been initiated to Oshun in 2007 into the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Candomblé Ketu. There are also growing reflections of the many ways of being in the Black American Church that are undeniably rooted in traditional African religious expression. And on the horizon, theological reflections pulling a lot of things together – at least for me, but maybe helpful for you, too. Whether you’ve been reading along since 2006 or you’re brand new around these parts, welcome!

You can dive in to the most recent articles here, or start at the beginning to learn a little about Candomblé and Yoruba theology here. If you’re more familiar with Lukumi/Santeria and are curious about Candomble, starting here can help clarify some misconceptions. And if you’re not quite sure what following Jesus and African Traditional Religions have to do with one another, you might want to check this out for some context about decolonizing oppressive interpretations of the Bible and recognizing God as a God of liberation through the lens of Beyonce’s Black is King. Happy reading!